We were delighted to welcome John Worne, CEO from the Chartered Institute of Linguists, as our guest speaker at the first Rogo Day, October 2023.

John’s presentation inspired the audience as he was happy to answer questions and facilitate discussion for the other awarding bodies, and training providers present.

Q+A has been removed from the video to ensure confidentiality among participants in the room, but John was happy for us to share the presentation portion on his talk.

In the video, John gives an introduction to the CIOL and the importance of the language exams they offer to candidates all over the world that enable them to demonstrate knowledge for top tier translation and interpretation work.

He touches on the challenges thrown at the industry by the 2020 pandemic that initially led them to work with Eintech and the Rogo platform, before explaining how the two organisations worked together to ensure relevant standards of testing were met, and how that has had a positive impact on the CIOL to this day.

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