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Eintech brings clarity to the complex, creating innovative EdTech solutions that can be relied upon.

Hear from James Carter, CEO of Eintech, about how our learning management system can help enhance your next EdTech solution.

Rogo - An Eintech innovation

Discover Rogo, our customisable eAssessment and eLearning platform

Powered by Eintech, Rogo is an all-in-one education and assessment platform that is used in more than 180 countries to enhance online education for all, from small teams to global organisations and awarding bodies. Combining powerful functionalities with intuitive interfaces to support training, high-stakes test delivery, marking and portfolio management, find out why Rogo is your trusted EdTech platform.

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We are more than products. We are solutions. Find out more about our bespoke support options.

Test Development

You’re not on your own – whether you’re new to the technology or just want some help, we can support you in creating and designing tests that look good and function well.


From helping you make the switch to digital assessments, to bespoke guidance tailored to your assessment needs, our experts are available as your eAssessment consultants.

Test Delivery

However you want your test to run, we can make it happen. From remote proctoring to live invigilators, as well as out-of-hours technical support, you know you’re covered with Rogo.

The Future of Online Education

Discover how the evolution of EdTech is set to shape the trajectory of online education over the coming years in our market report.

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Rogo webinar – May 2nd 2024

Join Ben Brady (Head of Marketing), Dilpreet Suglani (Product Manager) and our special guest Anna Howard –  Head of Qualifications and Membership at CIPFA (Chartered

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