Accessing eBooks During Exams

Pearson has recently launched a direct-to-consumer app Pearson+, which allows university students to access hundreds of digital textbooks through a monthly subscription-based model, rather than having to purchase a printed textbook which may go out of date in a few months. The ebooks available on the app will always be the latest version.

Pearson follow some way behind a number of other organisations who offer digital textbook services, such as Cengage and BibliU. The digital transformation of learning in the last twenty years has revolutionised the industry and continues to maximise efficiency for learners. The utilisation of technology for professional learning content distribution has been a key delivery model for the majority of training organisations for over a decade, so the higher education market is lagging some way behind.

Professional certification providers and awarding organisations are now looking at integrating these online textbook subscription services into open book exams. Platforms such as Rogo, that have been delivering online assessments for many years, can be configured to integrate with these services, to allow restricted content to be accessed by candidates, whilst taking their exam.

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