5 key things to look for in your e-assessment software

As face-to-face learning and in-person assessment came to a standstill during the pandemic, the ability to learn, teach, and undertake assessments in a physical space had to be swiftly replaced. eLearning and eAssessment platforms grew in popularity in a bid to maintain a sense of normality and control for teachers and students alike, without compromising on safety. 

Although the COVID-19 pandemic is largely behind us, more and more examination boards are continuing to make the move to online assessment as a long-term strategy for optimising their testing. But with a growing number of platforms available, each with their own features, what are the key considerations you should be thinking about when it comes to choosing the right eAssessment software? Read on to discover the five key features you should consider when making the switch to online assessment.

1. Look to the future with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is continuing to trend in just about every industry, and it shows no signs of slowing down in the EdTech sector. As more and more examination boards continue to make the switch to digital assessments, AI marking technology is becoming one of the key benefits of the software, and increasingly a top feature that assessors look for. A wide range of question types can already be auto-marked and as the software to develop machine learning becomes more sophisticated, long-form responses will be accurately marked by AI marking technology.

At Rogo, we understand the importance of optimising your marking. That’s why we take your eAssessment experience that one step further. From customisable marking options to automated test feedback, we can help you streamline your test delivery process every step of the way.

2. Customisation options

For many assessment organisations, ensuring a clear brand presence is crucial for test delivery. And it makes sense – students want to know that their assessment is legitimate and comes from an established name, rather than a software platform they likely haven’t heard of. If you’re looking for an online assessment platform that reflects your organisation, then choosing a platform that gives you the option of customisation is a must. Adding your branding can seem like a small aspect of the software, but it makes a big difference to students and assessors. 

Assessments can vary greatly depending on the skill, level, and format, so the option to customise your question types will help your organisation to make the most out of any of its online examinations. Plus, 

if your organisation operates on an international scale, then it’s important that your chosen platform provider is able to support a variety of languages to meet the needs of your global student body. 

Customisation requirements vary between organisations, but they can make or break a good eAssessment software. If you’re looking for something specific, get in touch with the experts at Rogo to find out if we can help.

3. eLearning integration

Swapping over existing data is one of the most common reasons why organisations may be reluctant to switch to online assessment. If your organisation already has an existing CMS, CRM, or LMS system, then it can feel like a lot of work to copy all the information over to a new platform. That’s why it’s essential that your chosen provider is able to ensure seamless integration and functionality between your preferred software applications. 

At Rogo, we aim to offer as much choice as possible to help make your switch straightforward, so we ensured that the software works with as many external programs as possible – including Pearson, Moodle and ACE360, to name a few. Rogo is compatible with SCORM test importing, flat text importing and CSV importing – so you can make the switch with ease, no matter where your data is coming from.

4. Insights and analytics

Whether online or offline, insights into the results of your assessments are crucial for improving future strategies. In this area, the benefits of online assessment are clear – automated analytics at the click of a button, providing useful, tangible data to better your organisation. Plus, this enables students and teachers to access analytical insights to help keep track of progress and identify areas for improvement. 

What’s more, Rogo allows the data and reporting facilities to be shared amongst partner institutions, enabling  further optimisation of the data to improve eAssessment delivery strategies for future courses.

5. Remote invigilation

Remote proctoring has become instrumental in enabling the success of digital assessment, proving that assessors can maintain their exam integrity from anywhere in the world. One of the main benefits of remote invigilation is the flexibility it brings. Candidates are able to take their assessments remotely with remote invigilators monitoring them from any location – whether that be via live invigilation, which involves a real-time video stream directly between the invigilator and student(s), or through record and review technology which enables assessors to view the footage after the assessment. 

This technology is now seen as a crucial part of any eAssessment platform, as it is a secure and effective way of monitoring students and ensuring a fair exam. At Rogo, we’re always working to improve our features further, which is why we offer live invigilation via two cameras to ensure an all-round view and eliminate the risk of cheating.

The switch to online assessment from in-person examination is a strategic decision, and assessors are beginning to see the long-term benefits it will offer their organisation, teachers and students. Different platforms offer a range of features, so make sure you understand what is available and how it works best for your intended assessment. The five features listed above are considered important for most types of assessment, but you may need something more bespoke to fully meet your requirements. If you want to find out how Rogo can help you understand the features available and develop a unique package for your needs, get in touch with us today.