Powerful custom CRM and CMS incorporating membership and event management. From the small to the large international body with overseas offices, these systems are built to provide reliable tools automating many of the daily tasks.


Membership management

  • Renewal notifications
  • Online renewal/registration/application
  • Forum
  • Statistics
  • Newsletter management
  • Member portal and membership restricted pages and news items
  • Membership level discounts on products/events
  • Application process management

Event management

  • Online booking
  • Google map search
  • Attendance badges
  • Mailing list management

Jobs section

  • Companies can upload their vacancy and company logo/profile
  • Members can apply with copies of CV and custom cover note
  • Company gets their portal to view applicants
  • Statistics to you on success rate and feed back from companies

Examination management

  • Track student grades
  • Statistics on paper success rate
  • Mail merge results and certification for printing
  • Connects to Rogo for eAssessments


  • Membership level pricing and discounts
  • Automatic receipts
  • Order processing system with statistics
  • connects to payment gatways including PayPal and WorldPay

Financial reporting

  • Drill down through membership renewal rates/products/examinations/events
  • Comparison against previous years

Financial reporting

  • CMS
  • Survey builder
  • and more…

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